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There’s A New Sheriff in Town

August 5th, 2014

book printingThere are a many social networking forums on the net that you can utilize to market your books with, and some not as effective as others. I have not been impressed with what FaceBook can do nor Twitter and at best they are simply starting points where you can hopefully grab some attention and drive traffic to your blog or web where one can view in a more in depth fashion what it is you have to say or offer.

It is hard to delve very deep into your book’s storyline or characters with only a teaser using at most 140 characters, minus your link and tags. LinkedIn is one forum that for a long time has offered a more expansive arena to market in until corporate started to slam everything in the English language as spam, making it far less user friendly than ever. The place to be which offers the marketer of books a better environment is Google Plus. Continue reading “There’s A New Sheriff in Town” »

Is Your Book Launch Plan Real or A “Fugazi”?

February 1st, 2014

book printer and launch planning

Self publishing your own book is no different than any other business. You must plan all of the steps to take it to market and to launch its release. If you do not set up a marketing and sales plan in advance then “fuhgettaboutit” as your book  is about to get “whacked!” If you want your book to become a “hit”, than you as the “hitman” will have to plan all of the necessary steps in order for it to become  one. After all your “family” and “crew” are looking for you to become a “good earner” and not a “babbo” who they have a “beef” with. Continue reading “Is Your Book Launch Plan Real or A “Fugazi”?” »

The Death Of A Salesman or How Your Book Cover Can Kill Your Sales

January 17th, 2014

book printer writes on book covers The clock is ticking and it is close to midnight. You have 8-10 seconds for your book cover to impact your sale and up to 15 seconds more for the back cover to close it. As the midnight bell tolls and only up to 25 seconds later, you either made your sale or lost it.

Are you losing sales on your book?

Your book cover is the ultimate line of defense as a marketing tool. You may do everything you can, use every marketing trick in the book as well as having written a great one. However, once you “drive the reader to water,” if your book’s cover does not grab them then they “will not drink.”

One of the most important elements of design is epitomized by the computer acronym K.I.S.S. and it stands for “keep it simple stupid.” The worst thing one can do with design is to jam in all but the proverbial kitchen sink. Keep it simple and get to the point and after all the point is to epitomize the content and lure the potential reader into the book. You want simple, but you also want impact. Let’s take a look at the elements of a quality cover design. Continue reading “The Death Of A Salesman or How Your Book Cover Can Kill Your Sales” »

Yes, We Have No Bananas! (Pt. 2)

January 6th, 2014

book printing and marketing by book printer

As part two of my article on Guerilla Marketing techniques for books and while exploring additional ones, I started this as an open discussion in Book Story and the results were so good that I thought I would expand it to another article for others to see.  Some of these techniques have been used in the past by others as well as new ones that at the moment are purely theoretical and offered by others and myself.

The post started with me posing a concept followed by opening it for scrutiny as well as asking others for similar ideas so that this is a compilation of my thoughts and those of the others who contributed on the post. My opening salvo was the suggestion of using the rear pages in a book in order to offer local merchants, either in the author’s town and/or the geographical location of the book’s plot. I have seen many books with advertisements in the rear by the author or publisher and many by publishers also who advertise for books other than by the author. This thought was an extension of that. Continue reading “Yes, We Have No Bananas! (Pt. 2)” »

Yes We Have No Bananas!

December 12th, 2013

book marketing, book printing from book printerYou don’t have much money for the marketing of your book, but you really need to get it out there to the public. After all you do want sales beyond your family and friends and as the old saying goes, “If a tree fell in the forest….” So without you shouting it from the roof tops your reviews will go like this: “Wonderful book, I knew you would be a great writer since you were five and wrote on my kitchen wall”…Mom.

So what can you do about getting out the word and letting folks know that you have written the next “War and Piece – The True Story of Pizza.” Answer: Go Guerilla. Guerilla Book Marketing that is. Continue reading “Yes We Have No Bananas!” »

The Prequel To The Story Of Book Marketing

December 7th, 2013

You’ve read the book or in my case the blogs all about how to market your book. Now let’s take a look at what happens before you start exhausting the list of what to do, how to do it from book printing to book marketingand so forth. In the very beginning and at the earliest stages before you even start on your first marketing journey you need to understand “the prequel” of the story of book marketing.

So what you may ask is the “prequel”? It is your guideline for much of all that you will be doing once you get your book back from the printer and start your book marketing campaign. If you were shooting an arrow and wanted to successfully hit something, you would need to know what and where your target was. It is the same with your book when you first consider marketing it. You need to understand and define WHO you are marketing it to. Continue reading “The Prequel To The Story Of Book Marketing” »

Any Port In A Book Storm? Cloud Printing May Offer A Safe Harbor.

November 25th, 2013

Cloud printing for book printing

We live in chaotic times when it comes to authoring books or publishing magazines. Self Publishing has brought a deluge of new titles by those who can write well and those who simply own a computer and can bang out a tale or two. Google, should you have understood SEO, has made it near impossible to optimize a web site and win. Let’s not also forget a rotten economy where the purchase of a book or even a magazine may be looked at as a luxury rather than as a necessity. Continue reading “Any Port In A Book Storm? Cloud Printing May Offer A Safe Harbor.” »

Hash and Eggs Ain’t What They Used To Be!

November 23rd, 2013

a #bookprinting company describes the use of hashtags

Old words today sometimes take on new meanings.  Corned beef hash, one of my old favorite breakfast treats has now become hash with a tag at its end or a “hashtag”.  The written symbol for the hashtag is the pound sign (or #). Combined with a word or two without spaces it becomes a tag for Google, Twitter and others to read. In essence a tag is a label which can describe content.  With information systems a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword used in the metadata which describes a useful bit of information. Tags are used as once key words were until they were spammed to death resulting for spam to give way to hash?    OK, so kind of true, until hasthags become overused and abused wherein they become the new spam. In the meantime let’s take a look at what hashtags are and how you can use them to market your book, magazine or wares.

Using Twitter as the prime example you would use the hashtag that would be relevant to your tweet. In my case where I am a book printer, I would add my link and short message along with #books to appeal to anyone interested in books, book printing or anything else associated with books. If I want to expand my potential in order to wind up in wider streams of content I may choose #business. Should I want to go off topic and become part of “what’s trending up at the moment” I may try #android or #healthcare but you of course do risk becoming spammy when you go way off topic like that.

In addition to LinkedIn other social networking sites have recently adopted hashtags such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and more.  Hashtags need not be solely the ones most commonly used, so definitely incorporate those that best label or define your post. The bottom line is that in a cluttered web where everyone is vying for attention, this is one more way to claim your space on the internet highway especially in areas where you were not previously noticed. So get into the flow, forget the eggs and just order the hash.


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Little Things Mean A Lot (With Book Manufacturing)

November 3rd, 2013

saving money on book printing

With book printing as in life the song “Little Things Mean A Lot” holds true. There are a number of seemingly little things that can make or break your book printing day, leaving you with great savings of the “heartbreak of book production psoriasis.” My intention here is to point out some of what may be shortcuts to savings or even saving you from shortcuts of your own. Which shall hold true will be in the eye of the reader as in some cases it will be a subjective call as to how you choose to proceed and what your level of risk tolerance is.

Continue reading “Little Things Mean A Lot (With Book Manufacturing)” »

Use What You Have, Sell What You Know, Take Advantage of Synchronicity

October 26th, 2013

book printing and marketing

In a market where more and more are relying on self publishing as well as publishers not only looking for new and inexpensive ways to market their books, you need to dig deep by finding new ways to market your books. It is simply no longer the case of “build it and they will come”, as in today’s marketplace, once your book printing is accomplished, if you don’t market your book it may simply wind up sitting in your garage. While I have written before on book marketing, here are some suggestions that may allow you to hone in on strengths that you already possess.


Continue reading “Use What You Have, Sell What You Know, Take Advantage of Synchronicity” »

Innovative Book Marketing Tactics

October 18th, 2013

Are you looking for some compelling affordable and new marketing tactics that can separate your book marketing approach from the pack? Here are some innovative marketing techniques that are unique and can help your book printing, book marketing, book printerbrand to cut through the “online spaghetti” and clutter in order to allow you to stand out.

Continue reading “Innovative Book Marketing Tactics” »

Google’s Big Push In Search Is About “Author Ranking”.

September 18th, 2013

book authoring, google authoring, book printingNo, it is not like the NY Times Best Seller list nor is it a qualitative review of your work. But……It is important for you to be aware of as most of you will use your website and/or blog to promote your bookmagazine or widget.

“Author Rank” is your rank for the content you write and where it travels from and to when first posted online. It is your reputation for being a “creator of content”. It is one of the most important contributors to how well your website is perceived by Google when ranking sites for search.

For years Google has caused SEO people to mouth the phrase “content is king” and we all knew that the content on the page had to be relevant. Many of the things we did in the past to bump up our search presence, such as Meta keywords, hyperlinks on the page and other easy ways to emphasize what we were marketing are now much less important if not irrelevant. However content is still king and the key to utilizing your content is to be recognized by Google for its authorship. Continue reading “Google’s Big Push In Search Is About “Author Ranking”.” »

Marketing Your Book: Some New Twists

August 14th, 2013

book printing by book printer

Let’s face it, in a world where unless you are a household name as an author you may be published and receive little marketing help or are self published and it is up to you to market your book. Even if you are a publisher and are looking for some inexpensive ways to market what you publish, let me suggest these.

When creating your message or brand the closer the item is as it relates to a use your reader or end user may find useful the more your message is seen by the user until it may eventually stick. Therefore I would like to suggest some ideas that you can utilize to spread your message with the most appropriate materials. Continue reading “Marketing Your Book: Some New Twists” »

You Finished Writing Your Book. Now What?

July 31st, 2013


Ok, your book is now complete and fully written and back from the book printer. Congratulations for what you have done SO FAR. However, just because you wrote the next War and Peace”, does not mean that you will have the throngs at your garage door or publishing house their ready, willing and able to purchase it. Why you ask? Because you and your friends and immediate family are the only ones who know that it is for sale. Today’s world has changed, due to many factors, with only one being the economy we share that has tightened the purse strings of publishers as well as authors. So now what? The answer lies in the learning to wear a hat other than author and that is the marketing hat. Continue reading “You Finished Writing Your Book. Now What?” »

It’s Better To Be “Write” Than Wrong! (The Benefits of Book Blogging)

July 23rd, 2013
back from book printer and now must market the book

Read All About My Book!

The book is now ready to release for sale and you are looking to do the “write thing” to market it. One of the best ways to market a book is to BLOG and the benefits of blogging are multiple as well as inter-related. For the

purpose of this writing I will assume that you have your own website, your “home base” for the books you are selling. Therefore let’s look at how a blog can both directly and indirectly benefit you.

Let’s start with this premise; it is “wrong” not to “write” a blog, as it is one of the most important marketing tools an author and/or publisher has in order to market a book once back from the book printer. With respect to the marketing value of a blog, Google, with its latest algorithm is placing heavy emphasis on “author ranking”. This means that your book blog will gain extra emphasis in the Google searches as your “author rank” increases.  Additionally once someone is reading your blog, you are hopefully explaining to them why it is in their “benefit” to buy your book. Continue reading “It’s Better To Be “Write” Than Wrong! (The Benefits of Book Blogging)” »