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Why Choose Us For Your Printing Company?

Need a great book printing company? When you choose PBD as yours, you will be working with one of the finest, where you will benefit by our thorough understanding of all of your needs and requirements. At our printing company, we will review your files, making suggestions that could help you with your file formats, layout or image area, as well as the general quality and cost effectiveness of the project. Additionally our company will always offer suggestions that can lower your costs as well. You can rely on our specialists to share our expertise with you, so your next time you print it is a winner and smooth sailing throughout.

Can Our Printing Services Benefit You?

As a print company with great service and especially specialists in book printing services, you can benefit from not only our expertise on the print end, as to be expected, but you will further benefit by our knowledge of files, file conversion (should you be using Word or other non graphic layout programs, image quality, photography as well as layout and design as well as our top notch printing service. This includes advising you on the creation of and how to print a book from a PDF. Our printing service will be there for you, to help guide you through the choices and pitfalls that may occur. You will be able to count on our professional services to act as your "safety net of knowledge", so that your work may glide through the process as smoothly as possible.

Optimal Page Size & Counts

When creating your page layout you will always want to be press efficient when printing a book, in order to get the best pricing possible from the printing company you choose. Whether using large sheet fed presses or roll stock paper on a web press, printers lay out the pages in "press forms" or "signatures (the only time this is not the case is in digital printing with the Docutech press)." Most presses at printing companies, using an approximate 8.5 x 11" letter sized page, are equipped to run sixteen pages, at this size in a press sheet or signature. This means that if your work is an approximately 5 1/2 x 8.5" approximate page size, that it will print 32 to 64 pages per press form. Yield is important and will affect your price. The most cost effective way to print is by doing so with complete forms. On page count incremental increases, you will see a better per page price for the cost to print a book and the larger the form for those additional pages beyond the natural form. In other words, if your book printer is creating a ninety six page issue for you, then you are creating three, thirty two page forms. It therefore would be more cost effective, on a per page basis to print sixteen pages, then eight. The reason you always see blank pages at the back, is due to this fact. It is more actually a savings for you to print eight pages rather than four.

What Does PBD Suggest For Paper?

The first thing any book printing press will tell you about paper is that you buy it by weight. All paper stock is sold by the pound, which of course explains why you will pay more for a 60# weight than a 70#. After weight comes finish. There are many finishes available, but two things guide the availability: On a web press, the paper companies have been making many paper stocks less available as well as this being generally the rule between a web press, where the printing company must buy large rolls, vs. the sheet fed press, where you will have a much larger choice of paper. The second issue that one will face is printability. If short run printing, which usually means laser, you are limited not only to a smooth finish, but also the fact that book printers have less choices when they are buying cut stock.

Will A Word File Be OK?

Word files are ok in general for short run printing, providing there are not images present, unless they are appropriately created. However, you will not find many printers who will accept them as Word files are not an appropriate graphics format.When using images in Word, you can insert a high resolution image, but only as grayscale or RGB. The reason for this is that if you insert a file that is CMYK, as would be appropriate, Word will by default convert it to RGB, thereby throwing your color way off. You are best served when you print a book from PDF files.

Our Web Printing Press $aves You

Web printing is meant for the longer runs and is a high speed printing press. Unlike the Docutech, the line screen is usually lower and your page counts will need to be divided by 8, which is the smallest signature you can print a book with a web printer, unlike the Docutech where your finished product will have a page count divided by two. This is why you will always see blank pages when you print a book in the back of your project when using a web book printer. It is simply not cost effective for a commercial offset printing company to run less than an eight page signature as it radically ups the cost of printing. Our web printing company services will save you money on our high speed web presses and we would be happy to quote your next printing of books. One benefit from using a book printer with a web press is that there is a wider choice of paper stocks and print services. The Docutech digital printing is limited to smooth paper stocks only, due to the need for the toner to adhere to the paper. Web printing can use vellum and wove stocks in addition to coated papers, as well as custom finishes.



Can PBD Help Me With Long Runs?

Absolutely! For the longer runs depending on page count can be one thousand or two thousand, our book printing company runs your work on high speed web presses. This provides you with the best unit pricing for your project and of course the larger the run, the better the unit pricing. If you have the time, we have the place. As an option for you, PBD is now printing in China. But do understand that printing in China takes more time than if done domestically. On the average it is three to four months.

Can PBD Also Help Me On Short Runs?

Absolutely! For the shorter runs, our custom book printing company will run your work on a digital printing press, using toner rather than ink. You can even get color printing with us on our newest color printing digital printing presses. You will get high quality, even without ink, as the line screen utilized is much higher than the average printing company web press. We now use the iGen to print the covers, with UV coating, or which is 100% digital, the latest toner based technology as well as the sheet fed press.

Also be sure to ask us about journal printing and we will be happy to supply you with a quote for journal printing at the best price to you that is possible. So please tell us about your journal requirements.

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What If I Need Design Help?

No problem, we have a staff of professional designers, who can complete or layout your book at very affordable rates. We can design an eye catching full color cover as well as the interior layout of all of your text as part of our services. If your project is for a corporate manual, then our branding expertise, will ensure that the final product will compliment your brand identity.

Our Printing Company Gives You Support!

Be sure to check out our blog page, where you will find many articles written in order to be helpfull to our clients. There you can learn important tips about page count, sizes, paper, and many more things that will help you both in creating your project but also in making it a more cost effective one and all before you even say to us "print my book".. Be sure also to request a quote as well on our quote form, if you know your specifications or simply contact us, by the link just below and as part of our services we will be happy to go over your specifications with you and make helpful, money saving suggestions for you and you will be given an exact price, good for thirty days regarding how much to print a book it will cost you. Please allow us to be of service to you.

May We Print Your Book?

So we may demonstrate our expertise and superior service for you. Allow us to provide you with an expeditious printing quote on your next project. Call us, email us, or utilize our quote form here on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.  Please click HERE for our quote form. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Contact Us Now!

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